“In fact, cursive writing seems to activate a separate brain network altogether…these creative pursuits put the mind at ease and spark creativity.

What neuroplasticity has taught us, is that it is never too late to learn (or relearn) a skill. These diversions are relatively simple to implement in everyday life; allowing the mind to wander a bit, or rest on a repetitive task-at-hand, only require minutes of our day.

Perhaps the greatest thing about handwriting is that the very act of doing it forces you to focus on what’s important. It is, in essence, a moment of mindfulness.


Developing Proper Penmanship Is Simply a Matter of Producing Consistent, Legible Handwriting Of Your Own Style of “Perfect Penmanship”
(With a few guiding principles such as tight loops, a forward slant, and consolidated letters.)


Perfect Penmanship™ is a system designed by Michael J. Lavery, the author of the book Whole Brain Power.  Of the three major tenets of his brain training system, Lavery contends that penmanship takes the top tier in terms of benefits for cognitive function for the brain.  The reason being is that it is applicable for people from the age of four to one hundred and four or more.  Scientific studies are proving convincingly that in the act of writing information in one’s best, consistent, and legible cursive penmanship, the capacity to retain the information as it applies towards academic success or business acumen far exceeds any other form of written communication.

As technology has marched forward in the 21st century, the art form of writing by hand has been relegated to near obscurity. It is our goal as practitioners of Perfect Penmanship to personally demonstrate our commitment to this skill and to inspire family, friends, and associates to join this noble cause to bring penmanship back to its rightful place in popular culture. It starts with the acceptance that all of us have the capacity to produce wonderful penmanship. The journey begins with the intent to seek proper instruction and techniques. This is the reason Perfect Penmanship works for all dedicated practitioners. We guarantee that you will be producing beautiful-looking handwriting on the first day using our unique cursive templates. Since our system is downloadable and printable, you can begin your journey immediately.

Spend a few moments of your time to become enlightened to the importance of cursive penmanship for proper brain function:

Developing Proper Penmanship

Transforms the Brain.





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    “A multi-sensory handwriting program relaxes the emotional brain to reduce stress levels in students and improve learning.”

    Eric Jensen, Teaching with the Brain in Mind



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Take the road less traveled.


Make a conservative investment into the betterment of yourself, the lives of your children, family, and friends. Spread the joy of your life’s experiences through Perfect Penmanship™ in your daily handwritten communications.

  • This package is perfect for children and adults of any age.
  • Multi-colored penmanship templates are quite invigorating to trace over and stimulate the creative mind.
  • Contains list of 50 U.S. States and their Capitols, the U.S. Presidents, and list of common nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. These tracing templates foster great spelling skills.
  • Beautifully designed, intricate, and helpful templates can be printed and used immediately
  • Includes over 100 Traceable Penmanship Templates and Instructional Manuals
  • Enjoy this complementary handwriting supplement and see how it feels to stimulate the “flow state” of your right brain hemisphere.
  • Mirror image signature“I know how to write my name backwards and left-handed in cursive and I can sign it pretty well. So that’s something that I may do in the future, kind of unique — definitely unique, obviously, but I think it sets me apart…


    I do those sort of things to keep my mind off of golf and to help my fine motor skills with my hands, create more sensitivity and increase my brainpower, try and do something like that.”

    Bryson DeChambeau, American Professional Golfer,

    One-on-one consulting for 6 months
  • “Upon doing some research about the connection between handwriting and brain performance, I decided to delve into the Perfect Penmanship program.  Every morning I write in my journal with my left hand in a normal cursive technique, and my right handed penmanship has improved as a result.

    I believe this has had an impact on my cognition in areas of alertness, concentration, and memory enhancement.”

    Maria H., Legal Secretary and Owner of Aroma Therapy Skin Care
  • “If someone told me 32 days ago that I would be able to write in beautiful left-handed mirrored penmanship, recite the powers of 2 (2-30th so far) from memory, and experience mental clarity and sleep, I would doubtfully dismiss them and ask what drugs I would have to consume.

    However, as explained in Mr. Lavery’s program, once the reader begins implementing the three exercises on a daily basis, the process of myelination, neurogenesis, steroidogenesis and synaptogenesis begin to change and essentially grow the brain.  This is what I am currently experiencing, an incredible journey that at age 24, I am feeling progressively younger, happier, hyper-conscious of my surroundings, and focused.”

    Joshua Shuford, Student/Teacher Cal State San Bernadino
  • “I went from being a bewildered college student on academic probation, to a 4.0 Dean’s List student through the application of these exercises. Where before I could hardly sit awake through a two hour lecture, today I can breeze through my lectures remaining attentive for the entire duration. I can now write better than I ever could, formally, romantically, philosophically, and even poetically. The confidence I radiate today is a mirror image of who I once was, shy and uninteresting. This program helped me leave behind damaging habits, and replace them with beneficial, progressive, and productive habits.
    The changes in my personality and presence have been so dramatic, that its inspired my brother, father and mother to incorporate these exercises into their daily regimen.”

    Diego I., Student/Teacher Cal State San Bernadino


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